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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

International Dot Day in Miss Tripp's Class


As we approached International Dot Day this year, my students were struggling with constructing and de-consructing large numbers. I used this skills to focus our efforts for International Dot Day.

Students were given the following information to guide their learning:
  1. Create a five digit number and write it in standard form
  2. Choose 2 other ways to represent this number

After working diligently in their math journals, students then transferred their work onto their "dot plate" and then transformed it with their personal flair. Later students shared their work with their classmates (with the standard form of their number covered) and they were able to determine the plate's number from the different forms the numbers had been written in. 

To extend this activity, I introduced our class green screen to transport students into another world to show off their work with our International Dot Twitter friends. My students had never experienced this type of technology, and it proved to be quite an exciting time of learning in how to extend their mark!

My students truly learned to make their mark during this year's International Dot Day as we explored a wide variety of new experiences. We not only learned within our class, but we extended our to a fellow class within our school, but also other classes throughout the world through our Twitter feed.

My class would love to hear about your International Dot Day experiences, and we would love to connect with you for International Dot Day 2017!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Miss Tripp's Class is on YouTube!

If you've enjoyed the videos we've been posting on Twitter and Facebook, please follow our class YouTube channel as we share more of the exciting learning going on in room 521!


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Can You Count by 3's up to 36?

Skip counting is an excellent way to expand your brain for learning in math! Can you skip count by 3's up to 36. Practice this important skill with my former students!

Skip Counting by 3's from K Tripp on Vimeo.

If you really want a challenge, skip count by 3's up to 36 and then backwards to 3!