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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My "Ten Picture" Tour

After reading several tweets and encouraging blogs by several of you, @4thGrdTeach @theteachinggame @Nunavut_Teacher and @birklearns , I have been inspired and motivated by your thoughts and ideas.  Thank you for being a valuable voice to the educational world, and thank you for sharing a "window view" into your professional lives!  You have inspired me to create my own "Ten Picture" tour and continue the "connection challenge."

I can't say thank you enough to so many of you who are helping me grow professionally by leaps and bounds through the information you post on Twitter.  I am watching, reading and listening and am truly grateful! 

Wellford Academy of Science and Technology in Wellford, South Carolina, USA.

Outside our class, we display our current writing.
I call our class, The Garden of Learning,  where ideas and thoughts germinate, grow and blossom into amazing learning!

My wonderful student teacher, Miss Gomez, in action.  She's going to make an amazing teacher, and I know any school in Alaska will be blessed to have her teach at their school!

Learning takes place even on our floors!

Our 2nd grade buddies in action...We LOVE Ms. Witherspoon's class!

Our flex computer lab...we look forward to coming here often!!!
Outside learning and gathering times in our courtyard provide wonderful experiences here at Wellford Academy!

A very important place at our school.  The students LOVE their playground!

This is one of my most favorite sights around my school. I love this tree in the spring and fall, and I can imagine this being a  perfect place for an outdoor classroom!


  1. Great pictures! It helps us know more about all of you!

    Mrs. Allen and 4th graders

  2. It is awsome school. WE LOVE TECHNOLGY!!!

  3. Miss Tripp, It is easy to see that the Garden of Learning is well and alive at Wellford Academy of Science and Technology after taking your picture tour. Thanks for sharing your beautiful campus. @rcantrell

  4. Thoes pictures are so wader full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love that tree to. It's sooooooooo big and that's Wye I love it!