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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our First International Blog Response from Buenos Aires, Argentina!!!

Exciting times in Miss Tripp's Class Blog ~

Today, I discovered a wonderful blog by Miss Anne in St. Andrews, Buenos Aires, Argentina and she wrote us back on our blog tonight (see below)! Her class of 4th Graders are discussing and reflecting on values, or what motivates their behavior responses to life's circumstance.  I would love our class to follow her blog (Miss Anne's Blog and the link to her class blog will always be at the bottom of our blog), so please share your thoughts and ideas.  Following their blog is a wonderful way to find out how 4th graders below the equator think and feel about life!  Great times are ahead in the world of blogging :)

Below is Miss Anne's post on our blog.  Students, what do you think about blogging the 4th Graders in Argentina?

Anne said...

Hello there! How nice to have a reply! I told my students I had published our blog and they have been eager to find someone to collaborate with us!

I am Miss Anne from St. Andrew’s in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I started a Values Blog in year 4 :

Thank you so much for your blog comment. I'm sure the kids will be incredibly happy to read it!

The truth is we are working with this blog in three 4th grade groups (9 year olds mostly) and English is their second language in general.
We decided to combine our Literacy unit (we will be reading Charlotte's Web) to our PSE (Personal and Social Education) work. Our aim is for them to discuss and reflect upon values. Of course we believe this will be richer if the work is collaborative.

I tend to post a song, quote, picture, video, etc once a week and we work on it and discuss it in class. We expect the kids to comment on the posts and share their views. Our aim is for the kids in year four to map their own values by the end of this unit (midyear here in Argentina/end of the year to you in the states!). I guess in the end we would be doing something like the "promise" video you share in your blog (beautiful, by the way!).

I look forward to hearing from you! Let me know your ideas, suggestions and of course, I hope you are interested!!!

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  1. How nice to share our thoughts across the world! For last Monday, the children in year 4 at St. Andrew´s had to find out where South Carolina was! Please Do visit our blog, leave your comments and thoughts and tell us a bit about yourselves!

    Warm regards,
    Miss Anne