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Friday, April 8, 2011

Skyping With Our Soldiers in Baghdad, Iraq

Today we skyped with several military personnel in Baghdad, Iraq.

Colonel Craft

Chief B and Major Hale

Miss Tripp and Mrs. Mace's 4th grade classes

Here are a couple students' writing about these special people:

American Troops
You protect our country,
You dedicate yourself to our country,
You stay up all night sometimes,
You are a hero!
You are brave,
You have a very kind soul,
You are an American soldier!

--Estela M

Dear Soldiers,

We are honored that you are serving in the military.  We are allhappy to have freedom because of you.  You are very, very nice to risk your life serving.  We hope you come back.  Thank you for serving in the military!


We are thankful for the soldiers
Who use guns to pow our enemies
Who are able to stand up and fight
With their heart by our sides,
We are safe from danger right now. 

--Mitzi H.


  1. Hello Miss Tripp and Class!
    How cool was it that you got to talk to some of our heroes in the military! What a blessing they are to all of us! We wanted to thank you for making comments on our kidblog site. I have to admit that I have an amazing class of writers this year and I am really having fun blogging with them. They love comments and were thrilled about their first comment from South Carolina! Thanks for visiting!
    Mrs. Surridge from Southern California

  2. Goood job on the letter mitzi.

  3. do you make bracelets there in south carolina here in argentina all the girls make braclets ....... i make some but not too much

    isabella 4b st.andrews