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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reaching Beyond Our MAP Test Goals!

"If you aim at nothing, you surely will hit it!"  -Lt. General Robert H. Forman

At the beginning of the week, I challenged my students to memorize their Math MAP testing goal, and focus on how they will accomplish it.  All this week, my students have had a BLAST motivating one another to accomplish their goal, even reach beyond it.  On Monday, they posted their goal sheet in a place at home they would see it several times a day.  Each night, they completed a special task focused on reaching their goal and then shared it with our class the next day. One night they gave a pep talk to the person in the mirror.  Another night they wrote a song, rap, or TV jingle focused on their goal.  Tonight they will create a dance about their goal, and this weekend they will identify strategies to help accomplish their goal.  Each student has identified their target and is doing his/her best to reach beyond their goal!

Students, would you share about some of the special activities you have been doing this week at home.  Maybe share your song or rap.  Even better, share several strategies students could use to accomplish their Math MAP goal! We'd also love any other ideas from those of you out in the world of blogging :)


  1. From Ms. Witherspoon's Second Grade Buddies...
    We have some tips for you guys to blow the MAP out of the water!! When we go to take our MAP test next Wednesday and Friday, we are going to tiptoe march while whispering, "My best, my best, I must do on my test!"

    1. Try your best and you'll ace the test! -Jack
    2. Get some goooooooood sleep! -Miss Granner
    3. Get some yummy in your tummy! -Ms. Witherspoon
    4. Don't rush or your brain will turn to mush. -Dawson
    5. Be sure to have your game face ON! -Austin
    6. Stay focused on your test and that's it! -Karrisa
    7. If you cheat, you'll repeat. -Annabella

    We wish y'all super good luck! Go Team Tripp Go!!!

  2. Mrs. Witherspoon's class,

    We LOVED all your advice, and thank you so much for your thoughts and encouragement!!! I definitely saw many students today following your tips, so GREAT job :)

  3. I have to TOTALLY brag on my homeroom class... we've been exceeding our goals left and right! Students, your scores are showing everyone you have been learning a TON in Math class this year!!! I can't wait to see how Mrs. Mace's class does tomorrow :)

  4. Mu goal was 221+ I tryed my hardest and i got 225 i was very happy!!!

  5. Mrs. Mace's class, you ROCKED the MAP test! Woot, Woot for each of you :)

    Both classes, you performed incredibly well in your MAP testing, and I can't thank you enough for shining in the work you have taken on this year! Your performance shows the amazing growth you have experienced, I challenge you to continue this wonderful growth in 5th grade :)

    With lots of love and great excitement,
    Your teacher,
    Miss Tripp