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Friday, May 27, 2011

Goodbye to our 2nd Grade Buddies!

This year my 4th graders had the wonderful privilege of working with 2nd graders in Ms. Witherspoon's class. We had our final meeting several days before the end of school. As I watched the buddies interact, I remembered not only how they connected in the classroom through different activities, but I saw a strong connection outside of the classroom. As we saw our buddies in the halls, at the library, or in related arts, the connection was apparent through their waves, smiles, and attempts to capture the attention of the other without getting in trouble :) A bond developed between the 4th and 2nd grader that made me smile. These students helped develop within our school, the desired sense of "community" that transcended grade level status. As I observed this "community," I was proud and thankful to be a part of the process!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Collaboration At Its Best!

Once completing state testing, I wanted to develop interactive and engaging projects for my students to be involved in. One avenue I tapped into is inviting the 3rd grade classes to come visit the 4th graders. My 4th grade students were divided up among 5 stations and were responsible for developing information about their topic from the activities and curriculum throughout the school year. My students researched, prepared their own notes, and practiced how they would present their content to the 3rd graders, rising 4th graders. It was exciting to see the ideas they developed and the leadership shown throughout this activity. Each 3rd grade class came on a separate days, so my students had 4 opportunities to communicate their 4th grade experiences to a very captivated audience. Each day, I stood back and watched with pride and amazement how my students rose to the occasion and became mentors and leaders to the 3rd graders. I was so pleased with the outcome of this activity, I hope to continue it each year from here on out!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Congratulations Celebration for Miss Gomez

Miss Gomez has finished her student teaching experience, so we had a special time to celebrated her successful end.  She will be back for our Awards Day, so make sure you are at school the last day school to wish her luck as she moves forward to finding a teaching position in Alaska. 

Several students shared special memories and thoughts about Miss Gomez and the impact she had on their lives.  Click here to read more ideas from the students about Miss Gomez. 


We were honored to have one of our students play his guitar for this special time; another student prepared a rap for Miss Gomez. 


Students, what are you going to miss most about Miss Gomez?  Teachers, what words of encouragement, advise, or wisdom do you have for Miss Gomez as she embarks on her first year of teaching? 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Children's Book Character Day

Pictures from our "dress up like a children's book character" end of the week celebration in honor of Children's Book Week.  How did you celebrate Children's Book Week?  Enjoy our slideshow highlighting some very fun characters who showed up at school today :)

Miss Tripp and Mrs. Mace
Can you guess our characters?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Video Conference and Blogging Friends in Iowa!

The students of Mrs. Werner's 3rd Grade class at La Porte City Elementary School in Iowa and my 4th graders at Wellford Academy have been tearing up the blogging lines between our two states.  It it all started back in a Skype session when we met for the first time!

We shared information about our schools, what we were interested in, our weather, time, the 4th graders gave advise to the 3rd graders, and before you knew it, our time zoomed by and it was time to go.  We still had questions, so we decided to continue learning about each other on our blogs.  Since then it's been a very cool time getting to know our new friends!  We will definitely look forward to continuing our Skype conversations with one another!

So students of Iowa and South Carolina, what has been the most interesting information you've found out about your new friends?    

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Look, Miss Tripp was on Youtube!

Miss Tripp was on youtube and didn't even know it!  We're still lovin' Twitter!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One of My Favorite Things

I love to plant flowers and herbs, especially ones that are perennials.  Do you know what perennial means?  It means that the plant comes back year after year without you replanting it.  I have several flower bushes and herb plants that come back every year.  Each time they start growing, it makes me smile.  It is almost like an old friend coming back to visit after being away a long time.  Here’s a picture of a clematis flower I bought last year.  I planted it, but it looked like it died, but it came back this year!  It grows on a trellis and can get very tall!  Have you ever planted anything?  What did you plant and what was it like as you watched it grow?  Were there certain things you had to give it so it could not only survive but become a healthy plant?