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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Collaboration At Its Best!

Once completing state testing, I wanted to develop interactive and engaging projects for my students to be involved in. One avenue I tapped into is inviting the 3rd grade classes to come visit the 4th graders. My 4th grade students were divided up among 5 stations and were responsible for developing information about their topic from the activities and curriculum throughout the school year. My students researched, prepared their own notes, and practiced how they would present their content to the 3rd graders, rising 4th graders. It was exciting to see the ideas they developed and the leadership shown throughout this activity. Each 3rd grade class came on a separate days, so my students had 4 opportunities to communicate their 4th grade experiences to a very captivated audience. Each day, I stood back and watched with pride and amazement how my students rose to the occasion and became mentors and leaders to the 3rd graders. I was so pleased with the outcome of this activity, I hope to continue it each year from here on out!

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