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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We Have Had an Excellent Beginning to the School Year!

There has been so much learning going on this year in Miss Tripp's fourth grade class, my head is spinning to keep up with these exciting new learners!  Here is the video for Our Class Hopes and Dreams, and we're looking forward to seeing if any of these come true!

We're working hard to get our blogs started, so check back in the next couple weeks to view our math and science learning.  Google Voice has been a big hit this year.  We've been using it to communicate our thoughts, questions, and ideas about school.  Recently, it's been a excellent tool for skip counting by 3's and 4's.  Here are a couple students in action:

I had quite an unusually request over Google voice and it made me smile so much.  Jared was definitely resourceful in using his technology to figure out his assignment.  He did tell me later he had forgotten his assignment was written in his Agenda :)  Thank you for the humor Jared...you made my day!

We used our student response system for our first science quiz, and the students loved this way of taking an assessment.  They also were able to use the flip video cameras to share their progress in skip counting.  We are also in the process of coming up with team names and mottos as well as developing our video for our class promises.

Another exciting event our class experienced was our first Skype session with survivors of the earthquake in the Washington, DC area. Some of us even felt the earthquake here in South Carolina, but our Skype guests felt the full effect of this because they were so close to the center of the quake. We can't wait to share our video footage with you later.

We've been using a lot of music in our classes, and this Friday we video our song, The Quadrilateral Dance...we're excited to share this with you.  Also, we've learned a song for the water cycle and began analyzing a rap about clouds!  Many exciting new wonderful adventures are taking place in our Garden of Learning!!!


  1. How hard was it to set up the student response system?

  2. Dear Miss Tripp and class,

    Wow! How many hours are in your day? You sure got a lot done! Impressive!

    I really like how you embedded the Google voice into the post! How did your do that?

    Looking forward to following your blog again!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Hello Room 111,

    When a friend sent me a link to your blog I thought I would like to have a look. I am impressed.

    The opening Vimeo about hopes and dreams was wonderful. We all should have hopes and dreams and even if we don't achieve some of them, the journey along the way is what makes life worth living. We meet new people, we learn new things, and we have fun.

    My hope and dream is for your class to have a fantastic year full of fun and learning.

    Your skip counting sounds very good. In Australia, we have similar exercises saying multiples 9the same as skip countings).

    Ross Mannell (teacher)

  4. Ross, Linda, and Anonymous writer,

    You absolutely made my students' and my day! We greatly appreciated your touching, positive thoughts, and you brought many smiles, oohhs, and ahhhhs from all of my students as we talked about where you were located. Ross, what an encouragement for my students to hear other students in Australia are using similar study strategies; you helped so many of them to have that "ah ha" moment; I could see the wheels in their mind turning and thinking, "So we're not the only ones....this must be as important as what Miss Tripp says!"

    Linda, my heart smiled the biggest when I saw your retweet and got your comment here! I found your blog and classwebsite last year and have learned so many incredible things from your online resources; you have been like an online mentor to me, just you didn't know it :) Google voice has been such an invaluable resource helping me to have insight into my students' minds as well giving them another opportunity to practice effective communication. When they call in and leave me a message, I have the option to either email, download, or embed the sound file, so I used the embed code within my blog.

    To my Anonymous writer, my student response system is incredibly easy! They are certainly not the latest and greatest in remote systems, but I am grateful our limited budget was able to obtain them. They are through Beyond Question Systems at http://www.bqlearning.com/Beyond-Question/what-is-a-response-system .

    Thank you again to each of you for joining my class today and showering our Garden of Learning with your encouragement and care from around the world...we were honored to have you join :)

    Blessings and peace,
    Miss Tripp