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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Word Problem Challenge from Mrs. Yollis

**New South Carolina Word Problem Challenges!

We enjoyed watching Mrs. Yollis' class video on problem solving, and after a tweet from Mrs. Yollis, we came up with some of our own word problems using symbols/emblems of South Carolina. Before solving these problems, check out Mrs. Yollis' YouTube video for strategies on how to solve these types of word problems.

South Carolina Flower: Yellow Jessamine

Miss Tripp planted two Yellow Jessamine plants in her yard.  The one in the back yard receives more sunlight and grew 37 cm longer than the one in the front yard.  If the two plants grew a total of 169 centimeters this summer, how many centimeters did each plant grow?

South Carolina Bird: Carolina Wren

Two South Carolina wrens from Greenville and Spartanburg migrated to the coastal city of Beaufort, SC.  They both traveled a total of 346 miles.  If the wren from Spartanburg traveled 58 miles farther, how many miles did each wren travel?

South Carolina Amphibian: Spotted Salamander

Students from Wellford Academy discovered two Spotted Salamanders on their field trip to the swamps in the lowcountry of South Carolina.  Together, both of the salamanders had 54 yellow spots.  The largest one had 8 more spots than the other.  How many spots did each salamander have?

South Carolina Drink: Milk

Governor Haley and President Obama were in a milk drinking contest at the SC State Fair.  Together they drank 92 ounces of milk.  The President drank 12 more ounces than Governor Haley.  How many ounces of milk did each of our leaders drink?

South Carolina Marine Mammal: Bottlenosed Dolphin

Sparkle and Lightning, two bottlenosed dolphins were swimming off the shore of Charleston, SC. In two weeks, they ate a total of 366 fish. Sparkle ate 16 more fish than Lightning. How many fish did each bottlenosed dolphin eat?

South Caroline schools: can you write a word problem like these problems using other state symbols like the Loggerhead Turtles, White Tailed Deer, Eastern Tiger Swallowtails, amethysts, and wild turkeys?

Schools from other states and countries, can you create a word problem highlighting an emblem or symbol of your region?  Feel free to send us your word problems!

All these state symbols/emblems can be found on South Carolina's State Symbols website.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

One of Our Hopes and Dreams Came True, WOW!!!!

In the beginning of the year, our class brainstormed about what we hoped and dreamed could be accomplished or happen in our class this year.  This past week, one of our dreams came true!  Our technology coordinator called down to our class and said he had a large package to deliver to Miss Tripp's class.  Almost like Santa, he wheeled into my class a large vault looking object.  Of course the students were extremely curious, trying to guess what it could be...there were so many oooohhhs and ahhhhhs. These quickly turned to squeals of joy when he opened the vault to reveal 20 iPads!!!  My students were ECSTATICALLY WILD with excitement, and one student said, "I guess dreams really CAN come true!"  We've been able to use the iPad learning lab a couple times since the "first reveal," and I can only describe it as love at first sight...my students are in love with the iPads!

Music and Math, a Melodious Combination!

Have you ever used music to help you learn something about math?  In our recent unit on geometry, we used a song about quadrilaterals to help us analyze different types of four sided shapes and determine their major characteristics.  Sing along with us and see if you can pick out the important characteristics of each quadrilateral.  Then, try your hand at the questions below; you can even send us a video of your answer!

1. What are the major types of quadrilaterals?
2. How are trapezoids different from parallelograms?
3. What are the different types of parallelograms and their distinguishing characteristics?
4. Can a square can be a rhombus, and can a rhombus be a square?

The following three problems stumped some of my students.  Could you share your thinking on how to solve them?  Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas to help our class! :)

PS. What songs have helped you learn important math concepts?  Would you share your ideas so we could use them in our classroom!  We love for music to bring our room alive, especially the songs that help us learn :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Skip Counting by 7's

I am so proud of all my students' hard work as they learn to skip count!  I know it's getting harder, but stay dedicated, and I'd love to feature you on my this skip counting post!

Elijah counting by 7's

Great job singing Miss Tripp's homeroom class!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Playin' It SAFE In Severe Weather

Please click at the bottom of each wall where it says "post a sticky" then the full wall will show up.  Then you double click on the wall and add your comment and then click okay.

Think carefully about the dangers of each type of storm, because your responses would be different dependent on the harm presented in the environment.




For VoiceThread, click on comment, hen record a comment through either typing or audio or video recording.  I can't wait to have you share your perspectives and experiences about severe weather. Once you are done, click okay.  Thank you for being a part of our class!

Severe Weather Podcast
Hosted by Oakland County for Severe Weather Awareness Week, March 27 - April 2, 2011,
Running time 6:43 min

This was last year's classes sharing their podcasts on severe weather.  Get your voices warmed up current 4th graders; you're getting ready to join the podcast world of severe weather!!!