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Saturday, September 24, 2011

One of Our Hopes and Dreams Came True, WOW!!!!

In the beginning of the year, our class brainstormed about what we hoped and dreamed could be accomplished or happen in our class this year.  This past week, one of our dreams came true!  Our technology coordinator called down to our class and said he had a large package to deliver to Miss Tripp's class.  Almost like Santa, he wheeled into my class a large vault looking object.  Of course the students were extremely curious, trying to guess what it could be...there were so many oooohhhs and ahhhhhs. These quickly turned to squeals of joy when he opened the vault to reveal 20 iPads!!!  My students were ECSTATICALLY WILD with excitement, and one student said, "I guess dreams really CAN come true!"  We've been able to use the iPad learning lab a couple times since the "first reveal," and I can only describe it as love at first sight...my students are in love with the iPads!


  1. In my class, I was able to get a student who struggles with ADHD to tune in for a full 20 minutes of instruction / discussion because of an iPad. I asked him to use one to video the lesson! He has never stayed so focused on what I was modeling, and he even turned to look at the other speakers when they had a turn!

  2. Thank you so much for your input into our blog! You are sooo right with your comments. I am really looking forward to captivating many students' attention with such a wonderful technology tool. I'm looking to learn from all of you who have experience with the iPad! Feel free to send suggestions and ideas our way. If you are on Twitter, give us a shout out at MissTrippsClass