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Monday, November 28, 2011

A Reluctant Good-bye to a Very Special Person!

An Amazing Man Who Will Not Be Forgotten!
Last week, we learned our assistant principal, Mr. Eric Hansen will be leaving us this week to move to an assistant principal position in Charleston, SC.  We all know this move will bring great opportunity for Mr. Hansen and his family, but we are still sad to loose such a wonderful leader who made such an impact on our school.  What has Mr. Hansen meant to you?  Has he helped you succeed in school?  Do you have a funny story or favorite memory of Mr. Hansen.  Please share your thoughts and ideas below, and let's send Mr. Hansen off with a lot of wonderful thoughts and a ton of love from his Wellford family!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans' Day 2011

Our Local Hero and Vietnam Veteran!
Thank you Kain for sharing your grandfather, Master Sergeant Payne.  He served for 30 years in the army starting in Vietnam and then retiring many years later in 1999.  The flag shown above is a homemade Vietnam flag he found in a cave while pursuing enemy soldiers; he has now carefully kept this flag for over 40 years. We honor Mr. Payne for his bravery, dedication, and service to our country. Thank you for serving to provide our freedom today!!!

Mr. Payne also brought us medals, small soldiers replicas, and challenged us with and excellent lesson about the following three words: task, conditions, standards.  We learned about his experiences through these three words, and he challenged us about our task at school, accomplishing it no matter what the conditions so that we can then achieve the set standard.  What an amazing parallel between Mr. Payne's and experiences and what we are trying to accomplish each day in Miss Tripp's class.

Task: (our class motto) "We are here to listen, following instructions, and motivate ourselves to learn."

Conditions: Sometimes we may be tired, frustrated, confused, upset, excited, nervous, distracted, and a whole myriad of emotions events we have to work under.

Standard: Give our very best to learn what a 4th grade student should know and go above and beyond this if possible.

Freedom isn't free, so take a minute or two each time you see a veteran to thank them for their service to not only our country but specifically for you!

Inventors' Biography Fair

For the last 2 months, 4th grade GT students have been researching the life of an inventor. From this research they developed a presentation highlighting the most important information learned. The big day for presentations arrived where the students dressed up as their inventor and presented their finding to their classmates.

Thank you GT students for all your hard work and dedication to the learning process!  We loved your presentations ;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Introducing Our November Terrific Kid!

Congratulations to a very special girl who has been elected by her fellow students to represent our class as November's Terrific Kid!  See the comments below for why Hannah's fellow students elected her and felt she deserved this honor.  Keep up the GREAT work in school Hannah!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Adventures Galore @ Stone Mountain Georgia!

There are times in your teaching carer that bring a smile of satisfaction and Friday, November 4th was one of those times! To see the enthusiasm and delight in my students eyes as they encountered new and exciting adventures was priceless.  You would have thought I had given them the most spectacular grand prize!  Well, in a way, I did.  I could have never done this on my own, though, but with the help of Mrs. Showalter, our principal, PTO, and some very gracious chaperones, we gave these students a day full of memories and experiences that some of them have never known.  My students eyes were opened to the world around them as they traveled beyond their state to an unknown world where history came alive like an "amusement park of history" one student said.  Through intriguing challenges, engaging activities, and captivating scenery, I saw my students fall in love with Stone Mountain Georgia!  A toast to the learning experiences of this day which will continue to pay dividends in the academic lives of each one of my students!