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Monday, November 28, 2011

A Reluctant Good-bye to a Very Special Person!

An Amazing Man Who Will Not Be Forgotten!
Last week, we learned our assistant principal, Mr. Eric Hansen will be leaving us this week to move to an assistant principal position in Charleston, SC.  We all know this move will bring great opportunity for Mr. Hansen and his family, but we are still sad to loose such a wonderful leader who made such an impact on our school.  What has Mr. Hansen meant to you?  Has he helped you succeed in school?  Do you have a funny story or favorite memory of Mr. Hansen.  Please share your thoughts and ideas below, and let's send Mr. Hansen off with a lot of wonderful thoughts and a ton of love from his Wellford family!


  1. Mr. Hansen,

    You inspire others to be their best through your positive encouragement and your ability to genuinely care about the lives and circumstances of the people you work with. Thank you for your constant support in the classroom, and for seeing the best in me! I will greatly miss you, but hope for the best for your family as you take on this exciting new adventure. Our class will look forward to Skyping with you and please feel free to visit us anytime on our blog! 

    Lots of well wishes!

    Miss Tripp

  2. Mr. Hansen,

    We have had a good time with you. Everyone is going to miss you. We don't want you to leave. I will miss you and everyone else will miss you. Everyone is going to miss the positive referrals. Who could be a better assistant principal than you?

    Meghan Gould

  3. I can't believe Msr.Hansen is leaving. He was the best principle I know. I hope Msr.Hansen and his family have a great time in charleston. I will miss him a lot. Mrs.Hansen rocks!!!


  4. Mr.Hansen,
    You wil be missed very much because of all the hard work you have done for the Wellford Academy. You help others when they have a problem. When you see kids in the hallway you always give them a highfive, and you have made the posive referal a big thing here at Wellford. I know that I will miss you very much.

    Yours truely,
    Abby Garrett

  5. Mr.Hansen
    You were a awsome principal. You always helped others. Your nice and kind. You help plan fun things. You help people. I hope you have fun at your new school. I hope you can visit and skype whith us. You were a amazing principal. We will miss you. Always have fun at school.
    Love, Jared G.

  6. Mr. Hansen,
    We are going to miss you because you insrired me to be a on task when I am not on task.You are a great assistint principal because you suport us thourgh any thing.You are just like family to us and we all love you verry much.You have let us have good days when we are haveing bad days we love you we wish you couled stay with us. Love,Madison Sturgill

  7. You are the best man ever and you are the coolest man and I don't want you to go I want you to stay and be are principal for ever and stay at are school don't leave are school we like when your here Mr.Hansen and we like you here because we won't have fun when you are gone then we are going to be sad when you are gone Mr. Hansen and if you leave we well not be happy. Then we well turn the school up side down if you leave then get super sad and mad when you are gone then be so happy when you are back but are you we be back soon or you are going to stay there for ever and have a great :(

    Devin yang

  8. Dear Mr. Hansen,
    I will miss you while you are gone, and I want to tell you that I will always remember you, and love you. Did you know that you are my role modle? You have helped me a lot in school, passing 3rd grade, and even motivating me to work hard to get the positive referrals. I remember when I got a positive referral and you gave me a fruit roll up!!! Any way, the point is you could never get better!!! And I love you the way you are!!!
    Madison .G.

  9. Dear mr Hansen

    I will mess you so much when you live because when I first came to this school last year inspired to do the right thing . I will also miss the hi fives that you give me in the hall. You have been the best assistant principal I have ever had. Thank you for being best assistant principal. I will miss you so much.


  10. Dear Mr. Hansen,
    You inspire lots of people to be a principal like I do. I won't to be not hard not easy but in the middle but serious to like you. I hope we get to Skype with you in Charleston. I will miss you.


  11. Mister heansen told me a story. He was great to me.So on to the story. He told me he was the youngest in his family to he said do not pay attention to them. And never take it out on any body else. Ashtin

  12. Mister Hansen told me a story. He was great to me. So on to the story. He told me he was the youngest in his family to he said do not pay attention to them. And never take it out on any body else. Ashtin

  13. Dear Mr Hansen,
    You are a wonderful principal. We are going to miss you very much. We hope you have a wonderful time in Charleston. I remember when you called Mrs Gillespies class on skype to ask me to come to your office. That is when I got a positive referral from my teacher. Thank you very much!
    Yours truly,

  14. Mr. Hansen I will miss you so much because you are so nice and funny! What I remember was when I use to come in and you would cheer me up by a hand shake or a hug and sometimes you would remind me of when I was little. There are memories I will never forget about you like when you say funny stuff or you try to out hug me. I will never forget you!


  15. I am missing him already I think Mr. Hanson is a great funny and super nice I remember last year at the fall festival he said the Brock and he said that that was an cool wrestling name he is a perfect vice principal we will miss him very much. -Carson B.

  16. Mr. Hansen,
    The days we had together were great. The day I came in you treated me like your own daughter. This is a great opretunety to go one more thing I love you and me and the school with miss you too. Sometimes I think the school is crying. You my VIP. Very important person.


  17. Mr. Hanson is a very nice principal that is leaveing are school he was the best principal I ever had. He is a person that you will never forget. We all don't won't him to go because this is my last year at thi school he is moving to Charlestown
    With his family. I hope every one will miss you when you move.


  18. Bye Mr. Hanson you are the best principal ever and I will always remember you. I hope you like your next school. No principal can replace you.you are the best principal in the whole world. Me and all of the other fourth graders are going to mis you. Have a great time.


  19. Dr. Mr.Hanson you are lilt the best printable ever in the school my heart was about to bow uo because tou are leaving but I know you are moving to Charlestion,SC But your wife got promoted to a another gob It happen to my mom too but we did not Have to move. But have a good time in Charlestion,SC Mr.Hanson. -Sincerly Elijah F

  20. Mr.Hansen means alot for me because he have been a wonderful and amazing assistant principal because he is funny, nice, and respectful to everybody. We would never want to say goodbye to him, we will never forget him, we will not stop loving him, and nothing will be the same without him but we are also happy his wife got a promotion to go to Chaleston,SC too. we will always miss him and once again we will never forget him. He was always respectful, responsible, and ready for his job!


  21. We will miss You! Thank. You for everything you had done for us. You are the best principal I had never had! Thank For keeping this school and children's that love you safe. Every one here in Wellford Academy will miss you because you had been the principal.


  22. Mr.Hanson was the best prencible ever he was nice and also he was my friend. He is a leader to me I will never forget him. Mr.Hanson was very good at his job I will miss him.


  23. I rilly don't want for Mr. Hanson to leav because he always helped me when I needed help. Like when I heart my leg he made shower I was ok. He also is so sweet to everybody he is not harsh when you go to the assint princebuleoffic. He never screams at anybody at all. He is the BEST assint princabul I have ever had. I love Mr. Hanson. I know he got a good offer so I want him to go for it. But I wish he could stay at Wellford Acadamy Of Science And Tecnoligy. I rilly rilly rilly rilly want him to stay hear.

  24. When Mr.Hansen talks to me he makes me smile because when he talks to me he talks sweet. He also sometimes he makes me laugh a lot he makes lots of jokes. He all ways takes things sirrius. I hope that you have a great time.


  25. Bye Mr Hansen I wish you would never leave us. I had a great time with you being our assistant principal. You would all ways cheer me up when I am having a bad day,you would help,you would confert me,and you would make me laugh. I will miss you Mr Hansen. I hope you have great time being a assistant principal in Charleston. Bye Mr. Hansen.


  26. Dear Mr. Hansen,

    You know everyone at this school is going to miss you. Though you never really talked to me you still meant so much to me. You belived in me, trusted me, and always had faith in me. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please promise me you won`t forget Wellford Academy because we will never forget you.

    Eriyonia Fowler

  27. i will miss you mr.hansen, wellford will never be the same but we will always miss you.I hope you have a good time teaching down south.Tell lola and sofia to make lots of new friends.

    I WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!!


  28. Thankyou Mr Hansen for meeting us with a smile at the door that made all of our days. We will all miss you and never forget you.I hope you enjoy your new school hopefully you wont forget us .

  29. Hi mr. Hansen we are going to miss you. You are so nice and thoutful you are a good principle. I wish you have a great day with your family. Have a great day in Charleston.I,m going to miss you bye. love antonia

  30. Thank for be a good friend thank you being nice to. thank i wish you can stay at the shcool i will always miss you.love you from lamone.

    your friend

  31. c.a.w

    Mr.hanson why do you have to leave.
    You are the best assistant principal.
    I wish you have a fun time in the new school.

    p.s I was born in Charleston

  32. I wish you didn't have to leave us Mr.Hansen.I will miss you a lot you are a very nice person.I hope you will have fun teaching at your new school down south.Tell Lola and Sofia to make lots of friends.Wellford will never be the same with out you but i hope we can manage it.

    Rebecca West

  33. I will miss you very much. Iwill miss seeing you every day. You where the best assitant principal. I hope you have a great school in Charleston:]

    willow smith

  34. thanks for all you have done you are yhe best asestant prencibal ever. i look up to you and you always greet me in the morning with a smile. you are a very trusting person!

    Love Stephen Powell

  35. Bye Mr. Hansen I going to miss you. You were the best assistant principal I ever had. I wish you can stay here. I hope you come back before the year end. Bye.

    Daniel Joel Campbell

  36. Hi Mr.Hansen! I am dissapointed that you will no longer be our nice assistant principal.I hope you like the new school in Charleston! you will be able to see new people. Mr.Hansen,you are funny,nice,and a good friend.Thank you for all you have done.Bye again,
    Leia Wyatt

  37. Dear,mr.Hansenn
    You are cool as ice. I do not want you to leave us. You are the best in the scool.

  38. Dear,Mr.Hansen
    You are the sweetest and kindest person i have ever none.The best thing you have ever done was when you first teched us.You are the best.


  39. Mr.Hansan, why do you have to leave? Exspesaly now. I mean, you have been the princeabal since I started in 5K. Why do you have to leave? I will rember this day and everything you have done as well as did. I hope you and your famliy have a safe trip and a good life. God has blessed you so much and may He do so as you work for him as well as little tots. God bless you in your home, your work, and everything you do.

    God bless you,
    the Bridges famliy

  40. Dear Mr.Hansen I am going to miss you so much.Thank you for every thing you done for us. We are all going to miss you. You are so respectful and nice. Iwish you Have a great time with your family.Have a great day in Charleston.God blesses you. love antonia

  41. Mr. Hansen you have been the best assistant principal that I know of sense I have been here and I have been here for about 5 years. You have been so good to us for the past 5 years I have to tell you have had a lot of stuff to do as long as you have been here.

    You friend Zachary Calvert

  42. Hey mr.Hansen you have helped me throgh out the whole year. Thank you for everything you have done for me.I know it does not look like i appreciate you but i do.I know i have not been good this year but you have changed my mind i will miss you alot!!!!!!
    raven conn

  43. Mr.Hansen you have been an alsome Priceable.You
    have been there for me I will miss you so much.

  44. I'm going to miss you a lot!!! :( :( :( :( :( :(