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Friday, December 9, 2011

Build Incredible Educational Experiences Through Local Experts!

For the last two years, I have invited Chief Meteorologist Kendra Kent of FOX Carolina to come speak with the 4th graders of Wellford Academy and share her vast experiences and expertise in the area of weather.  Each year the students have been ecstatic about this special visit and have built so many wonderful curriculum connection to our classroom learning. Of course, I wanted to learn more about Kendra's job, so I visited the studio to see Mrs. Kent in action.  What a neat experience and how much fun it was to be able to capture this time in pictures and video for my students and fellow bloggers!  I was amazed at how different it was sitting in the studio watching the show as opposed to watching it on my couch at home; for some reason I thought it would be the same.  Getting an inside perspective to a news broadcast production would be a very cool experience for any class, and when I found out the studio offers tours, I put this activity on my list for a future field trip.  I'm crossing my fingers hoping to soon introduce my students to the the TV studios of FOX Carolina!

 As Kendra and I were talking after the show about how we got in touch a couple years ago, I remember it started with a simple introductory email asking "Would you be willing to come?"  Fellow teachers, step out and don't be afraid to contact your local experts in the curriculum fields you study.  You will be amazed about the community relationships you can build and develop!  Today, I am blessed to call Kendra Kent my friend, and I am even more blessed to have a professional join me in the realm of educating future professionals for our state, nation, and maybe even international endeavors! From the bottom of my heart and the hearts of my students, THANK YOU Kendra Kent for the difference you've made in our lives!


  1. Love you behind the news desk!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Mrs. Simmons! I've always been intrigued with broadcasting, so it was fascinating to see a "behind the scenes" look at a newscast.