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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Long Multiplication With Christmas Flair and Pizzaz!

There's nothing like trying to teach long multiplication right before Christmas break, but using this activity infuses the excitement of Christmas while still practicing the technical process skills of long multiplication.  I have seen motivation and excitment for learning long multiplication as we've worked through this challenging activity!  The long multiplication process can sometimes be "tedious," but because my students have been focused on the challenge of solving the problem of how many gifts and how much was spent, they have shown an enthusiasm for learning that has warmed my heart! The extened learning and challenge with a language arts focus has left my class buzzing with excitement on who to write their adventure about.  I'm anxiously awaiting to read the many ideas they've come up with.  Join in the fun, and may your students have a joyous Christmas math experience.

The Twelve Days of Christmas handout (2 sheets, front/back)

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