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Friday, February 24, 2012

Connecting with the Families of my Students!

This semester, I have started a special outreach program to connect with my students and their families outside of the classroom.  My goal is to grow in understanding my student's families so I can relate to them better in and out of the classroom.  It's been wonderful visiting homes, talking to the students, their parents and siblings and especially their pets...so many cutie pies!  I look forward to spending time with all my students' families!

Hannah E.

Hannah is a lot like Miss Tripp...she loves to play her wii!  My favorite games are Wakeboarding and Speed Slicing, but Hannah loves her dance programs!

Love certainly abounds at Hannah's home!

Christopher M.

Elizabeth R.

I am impressed by all the animals Elizabeth's family raises!  I know they have a lot of fun taking care of each animal, but what a great business they have in selling the animals at the jockey-lot!  Elizabeth's family if very hardworking and industrious!

Callie Y.
Callie's mom did an amazing job remodeling their house and I got to learn all about the process of revitalizing an old house.  Callie's mom is also a wonderful photographer.  Callie is showing off her latest pet...I wonder how Tigger looks now?

Rebecca V.

Every time I turned around, I wanted to take another picture...all the bunny rabbits were SOOO STINKIN' CUTE!!! Rebecca, you and your mom have done an AMAZING job developing your rabbit farm!

If you would like to learn more about the Vickers rabbits, please check out her website!

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