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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Night and Day, the Astronomy STEM Way

This year our school has been developing a beginning understand of the STEM learning process, so my classes have begun the challenge of learning how to incorporate this special approach.  Before we began our STEM learning project, we shared some very interesting ideas of how we thought night and day happened.  After much exploration, students began to understand the scientific explanations behind this daily occurrence, and they had a blast exploring and developing their ideas of how Earth's night and day comes about.

One aspect of our STEM astronomy project that makes my teacher heart smile was how the students motivated their own learning through the use of group questions, exploration and continual discussions.  I truly felt like a facilitator and conduit of information as the students were on their quest to develop their own understanding of how the creation of night and day occurs!

This Friday, March 30th, our school will be hosting Career Day where each class will debut a STEM project they developed throughout the last couple months.

We want to share with our Twitter friends an "early showing" of our STEM project, Night and Day, the Astronomy STEM Way!

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