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Friday, March 30, 2012

Share your Observations From the Decorah Eagle Cam!!!

*Latest Update, 4/7/12

Find out up to date information about the Decorah Eagles as well as their organization at the links below.  They also provide the latest pictures and videos of how the birds are progressing on these sites. These are wonderful resources to continue our observing:

1. Decorah Eagles on FaceBook
2. Decorah Eables on UStream
3. The Raptor Resource Project on FaceBook

Wellford students and any other Decorah Eagle Cam enthusiasts, I know we all can't watch the webcam 24/7, so what if we shared our observations and the time of our observations...then anyone who wants to see what they missed could go back and look over our comments.   Come one, come all, lets observe and share together!

Decorah Eagle Webcam

3/30/12 around 7:30pm

3/31/12 around 7:40am


  1. 3/30/12 7:00pm Dad flew into the nest with his back to the camera. When he turned around and flew out of the nest, there was a large fish still breathing. I can’t tell if it is a trout or a salmon. A couple minutes later mama got up and flew away and the eaglets had a couple minutes to move around before mama came back and settled back over them. This was so NEAT!!!!!

  2. 3/30 7:40pm Dad flew back into the nest for a couple seconds...I couldn't tell if mom or dad flew away? Then the camera zoomed into the last egg and a beak started coming through! We should have another little one very soon!!!

  3. 3/30 8-9pm I'm confused about which one is mom and dad. I did notice one is a little larger, but they don't stay in the nest long to be able to pick out distinct features to tell them apart. I did notice all throughout today, the one I think is the mom faces away from the camera, but this late afternoon and evening one of the birds was always facing the camera. I think this was the daddy. The family started eating the fish and the parents did several switch-a-roos on "nest duty" The night lens came on and it looks like the parent on duty is dozing, but then when they hear something, their head jerks up and looks around.

  4. 3/31 7:40am. I woke up this morning watching the cam around 5:30am. I dozed on and off till I heard one of the eagles calling to its mate. Sure enough around 7:40 the mate came back and another one flew off. I did notice the 3rd little eaglet was out of the egg shell. I video taped it to make sure I could see all three. The night lens came off around 7:45 so I could see everything in color. The eagle "on duty" started facing laying over the little eaglets facing the camera but readjusted and was then facing away from the camera. I thought the position the eagle was laying helped identify the mom and dad, but I'm not sure of that anymore. Right now the eagle is burrowing and building the nest back up around his/her body. Very, very interesting morning with the Decorah Eagles

  5. What I saw was the eagles had another swith a roo. The daddy had come back and the mama got up and walked toward the end of the nest while the daddy walked to the side and started feeding the eaglets last night's dinner. Also the mom had gotton up and my cousin and I had seen the mom either flew away or not but we saw that sometimes it would get up or move around and even rock side to side as if it were rocking the babies to sleep then the mom or dad came back but left again.

  6. 3/31 9:41am Is that a new fish in the nest or has it just been moved from vertical to horizontal? The camera zoomed into the fish and then zoomed into the eagle. I took a couple pics I'll have to post later is moving, and I think I saw the other eagle sitting on the branch just above the nest. Then the camera panned the farm and surrounding area below the nest. It's a beautiful area!