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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thank You Nancy Carroll...We LOVE the Decorah Eagle Cam!

Last night as I was perusing through Edmodo, I saw a link for animal webcams which I thought would  be great for my upcoming unit on animal behaviors.  I posted the link on Twitter to pass the wonderful info on, and almost immediately I received a tweet from Nancy Carroll (ncarroll24) asking if I was following the Decorah Eagles.  I looked on the site I had just found and didn't see a link, so I searched a bit and finally found what she was referring to.  I was so excited as I watched the live cam, even though it was just momma eagle sitting on the nest with the night sounds all around her...I couldn't wait to share this amazing experience with my students the next morning.

It was endearing to watch my students reactions and instant attachments built as they witnessed throughout the day the behaviors of the mom, dad, and little babies.  What conversations were spurred on through our observations.  Believe it or not, I hated that we were going on spring break the next week and that we wouldn't be able to continue observing this wonder of nature together.  I know many of my students said they were headed home to continue watching the eagles, and I'm also excited to continue watching this unfolding drama!

PS. Thank you Nancy for your passing on this wonderful experience so many more of us could share in the breath-taking excitement of the Project Decorah Eagle Cam!  Check out Nancy's blog for more information on the Raptor Resource Project and Decorah Eagle Cam!

Today was career day at our school and we certainly learned about a very real career of being the parent of baby birds.  This is a short clip I captured of the birds during one of our other guest speakers:

(videos quit working...will have them up again soon!)

Several drawings from students inspired by our bird watching experiences:


  1. No need for a thank you but I am so glad your class loves them. As the eaglets grow it gets even more intense. There is something special about being able to see these creatures in their habitat. I can't wait to connect our classes via the eagles!

    Your students' drawings show their enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My name is Bree-Anna. The Eagle Web Cam is so cool because, it shows you all tipes of animal behavior, that is going on with all tipes of animals like penguins, eagles, dogs, cats, apes, sharks, elephents, giraffes, owls. Ther is alot many more to look at if you go and look at the left hand side of the screen.

    I can't wait to hear and see you the web cams!!

  3. I love the Eagle cam. I have had great veiews of the mom,dad, and the baby Eagles in the nest. Our class has got to see the mom,dad,and the babies in the nest and got to see the fish that the dad has catched. Come and check out the Eagle cam!

    Abbie B.

  4. At my house me and my dad was watching the bird and we saw the mom and the dad. The dad had came and watched the babies for a few so he had to sit on the bird to keep them warm.The mom was gone for a few.Then she came back and sat on the babies again.

    Evelin E.

  5. I had a great time watching the Mamma Eagle and the babies. It was an amazing experience if I may say so myself.I learned that the Mamma Eagle is warming the babies by sitting on them.I wonder how the babies would live if the Mommy and daddy Eagle died.What would happen if they ran out of food.How could they survive in the cold.I wish I could see them in person.

    Marcos M

  6. Hi my name is Charla G. I was not there for most of the time to see
    the Decorah Eagle Cam but I saw how the momma bird sat on the baby
    birds to keep them warm. Some questions i want ask are...

    1.How do the baby birds break out of there shell?
    2.How long does it take for a baby bird to hatch?
    3.Why does the daddy bird get the food?

  7. It was intresting it had great info it was amazing so I say to you
    miss tripp you did awesome I haif to say that was amazing
    work that is so cool I have a few qestions how many baby birds are
    thier it wouid be so awesome to know , how many Decorah Eagles are in
    the state thats it for now so bye.

    by Thomas

  8. Hi. My name is Madison G. and I just want to say that the story that
    you wrote about the Project Decorah Eagle Cam was the bom! I also have
    had some experience with the Eagle Cam. I observed that the momma
    eagle was feeding the babbies and they were soooo adorable.

    Madison G.

  9. How many days did it take for the first babie to hatch? What do eagles
    eat? That was the best thing I have ever heard! Here is a question,How
    high do eagles build a nest? What are eagles afraid off? Where could
    eagles mostly be founded at? What types off fish do they eat?

    by Jaylen

  10. These pictures are very interesting.Some people say you can tell the
    differince between a male and a female because the female is bigger
    than the male.

    Memphis B.

  11. How maney months have you been watching this. Have the three babey eagl hached? I think when she fixing the nest I think she trying to
    make it more comfterbl.


  12. Hi! This is Jalyn,and what I think about the eagle webcam is I think
    the webcam is awsome! When Miss Tripp told me all about the eagle
    webcam I was sooo ready to see the eagles! On the webcam one day I saw
    the mom feed the babies isn't that cool!!

    Jalyn P.

  13. The cam is cool. The birds are really big. Spring break was short but
    The babyes are really big. They get big really fast. They look really
    different from their parents. The dad must be really buisy

    Hunter H.

  14. This is a test. Mr. Johnson

  15. My mom and dad were excited to see the last egg hatch. We saw that the
    mom and dad birds tuck shifts tacking care of the baby birds. My mom
    said the baby bird’s look like fuzz balls. It is vary interesting that
    we can watch these birds grow up. It has been cold there so the mom
    and dad have to sit on the babies. A question I have is ... How long d
    it take for a baby bird to hatch?

    Rebecca V.

  16. Hi my is Elijah.F .It was very awesome to look at babes,mother,and daddy eagles. Over spring break i couldn't only watch it for a little bit. How was your spring break.

  17. So far the eagles have been great! I am so glad you found this link to
    see eagles in live Miss Tripp. The thing that I hate is that I didn't
    get to see the eagles over spring break. Over our break I cept on
    wondering if the third egg had hatched? When we came back to school
    Miss Tripp pulled up the ustream live video Of the eagles. When I saw
    the video I couldin't belive what I saw the third egg had hatched! I
    was very shocked!

    Christopher M

  18. Hi! This is Jalyn,and what I think about the eagle webcam is I think
    the webcam is awesome! When Miss Tripp told me all about the eagle
    webcam I was sooo ready to see the eagles! On the webcam one day I saw
    the mom feed the babies isn't that cool!!

    Jalyn P.

  19. The cam is cool. The birds are really big. Spring break was short but
    The babies are really big. They get big really fast. They look really
    different from their parents. The dad must be really busy

    Hunter H.

  20. The first time I was watching this cam of Eagles I did not know they
    were live. I bet the Decorah Eagles are freezing. I didn’t have time
    to watch the eagles and I have some things that I want to know and I
    have some questions but firs I’m going to do what I wanted to see. I
    wanted to see the last baby that hatched from the egg, when the dad
    gave them there last meal. I'm going to ask some questions {not that
    much}. How did the baby react when he was out of his shell and when
    the dad gave his last baby that just hatched the first meal?

    Justin M.

  21. It was interesting to watch the Decorah Egals. Last friday I observed
    that the father of the egals hardly ever came because he was always
    hunting for food wyle the mother always stays with the babys. It was a
    great experience watching them.

    Parker L

  22. So far the eagle cam has been amazing! On career day like miss Tripp
    said we got to see the daddy bring back food it took a while but it
    was still cool! If you have never been on this you need to go.
    Watching the eagles were amazing because we got to see how they each
    have to do a part to helb their babies surive. When Miss Tripp first
    showed us the eagles after they hatched and they were pretty small but
    when she showed us it a week later they were pretty big. That told me
    that over the week that the hunter must of worked hard! I want to
    thank Miss Tripp and also Nancy Carroll.

    Carson B

  23. I think watching the Decorah eagle cam was most amazing thing I ever
    saw.I,ve wonderd why the babbies sit in that hole in the nest? How did
    the people put that camra up on that tree? Last question, where dose
    the dad go to get food?

    Kain H

  24. My name is Cody L. I watched the eagle cam over spring break and I saw
    how the daddy would go away all the time to get food and the mommy
    would stay there and keep the babies warm. I watched it today in class
    and it was getting warm so they wanted to get out but the mommy
    wouldn't let them. On career day the class watched the eagles and the
    mommy flew off and got some food. And at one point the daddy came in
    with some food and sat there for a few minutes to get more food.

  25. That was a great story, I thought this was some very interesting news
    the eagles are very cool to watch. I did not get to see the eagles
    over spring break so I had some questens, how did the eagle hatch over
    spring break? Did the dad bring any food other than fish? Did the mom
    see any predetors during day time? Did one of the babys start to fly?

    Noah R.

  26. What amazing things Miss Tripp. These birds are my second favorite
    kind of bird. During spring break I watch so much of the Decorah
    Eagles, I was so amazed. The Mama takes so much care of her babys and
    so did the Father as well. I was amazed when the dad was gone so long
    I thought he had left, but to my suprise he came back with food. The
    first time, he brought some kind of meat and the second time, he
    brought back a BIG fish. Thank you Miss Tripp and a special thank you
    to Nacy C.

    Callie Y.

  27. I think you have great drawers in the class. One them was not me but I can draw one. Also I did not watch the cam over the spring break. But I saw it in class and I thought they were very cool and I wonder do any other eagle get to get to gather with them and have a family reunion. I also wonder if someone else has seen it and how old are the parents.

    Jaden G.

  28. Hi! My name is Maddie (C). The Decorah eagle is very interesting to
    watch, and it shows us about eagle’s behavior. Some questions I have
    are how long did it take for the third egg to hatch? It is very fun to
    watch an endangered species on real action. We liked watching the
    momma bird feed the baby’s food. I also learned that the babies do not
    fight they just play with each other. I am very glad we got to see the

  29. I had a wonderful time waching the Decorah eagles and the babie
    eaglets. The eagles must be cold still. If the mommy or daddy died how
    would it effect the eaglets life. When the mommy sits on them they are
    getting warmed up so they don't freeze. Also the mommy makes a little
    bowl shaped nest so the babies won't get out. I think this is a very
    exciting experience.

    Hannah E.

  30. Hi! This is Seleena, the Decorah Eagle cam was awesome! On spring
    break, I did not get to watch it because my family only has one
    computer. The next day I was so excited that Miss. Tripp put other
    animal cams! On career day, the students thought that the babies were
    fighting, but they weren't they were just playing.

    -Seleena H.

  31. Dear Miss Tripp,

    I really like the eagle cam. The eagles will be great for our next
    science lesson. Your observations were great. Some questions: Do you
    know where the eagles are located(if not find out maybe)? How did you
    find this?

    Meghan G.

  32. It was very unlike seeing how the father and the mother and the babies
    get along. I liked seeing then parts of the 3 egg/baby come out like
    the beak. I watched it over sprig break and the most food the dad
    brought was fish. Thank you four the experience.

    Jared G.

  33. How many babies in all has the Momma bird had? Also please do more
    video clips! They are fun to watch! Does the Momma bird help hunt and
    get the food? The cam was great!

    Jacob M.

  34. At my house me and my dad went hunting and we saw eagles nest in the
    trees and then we saw the daddy bird hunting and the mommy bird.
    Watching the eaglets and then we went to go see the daddy bird hunt
    for the food and. I saw the daddy get a fish and that was cool then
    the daddy flew to the nest and drop the fish into the nest then the
    mommy feed the eaglets.Then the daddy flew to the other side of the
    tree to lookout for there predators then the mommy got on and flew off
    and the daddy flew fast to get watch the baby eaglets


  35. I wonder how you tell the mom and dad apart from the each other, I
    heard that you could tell them apart by a little mark on one of there
    eyes, I don't know if that's true yet but ill research it. Over spring
    break i saw the mom or dad bring a fish, And the other one fed the
    fish to the babies. I can't wait to look at the other cam's!

    - April S.

  36. Wow the eagle cam is great. I never new you could learn so much about
    eagles by just waching them on a cam. The first time I saw the eagle I
    did not now she had babys with here I thought it was just one eagle
    then Miss Tripp sad it had babies I thought it was cool then but when
    the mom got up so the babies could eat and play around I new when I got
    home I was going to watch it over spring break. If you have not watched
    it I think you should.

    Kendall H.

  37. I wonder how the eagle is not scared? How many days takes the baby
    eagle to get out of there shell? How dose the mama eagle know when the
    baby eagle? I always loved eagles i wont to learn more about eagles.

    -Hunter S.

  38. The pictures are very well detailed. How did you get the cam up in that
    tree. The eagles are very nice how do you tell which ones because
    its pretty confusing? When are the eagles babies born usually and does
    it hurt the mom? how long does it take to have the eggs crack open?
    Please answer back! Thank you for your time to make this for us and
    everybody else.

    - Ashtin S.

  39. Hi my name is Janiah and I am so excited to be watching the Decorah
    Eagle cam LIVE!! I have some questions for you. Do you live on the
    farm where the cam is? How long have you had the cam in the tree? How
    do you know if the next baby is born when they are more and how long
    did it take to do everything? Please try to answer these questions.I am
    so excited to be watching the cam everyday. Thank you for sharing the
    Decorah Eagle cam world wide!! I hope that you make a lot more LIVE
    animal cams to share around the world!!!!

    -Janiah T.

  40. I would like to ask some question.My first question is how do the
    eagles tear there food apart for there babbis.My second qeastoin is
    how do you know hew is the boy and hew is the girl.My third question
    is how small does the food have to be for the babbies.My fourth
    question is how many inches do the grown up eagles grow.My fifth
    question is how many times do a babby eagles go to sleep or eat in one