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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Miss Tripp's Furry Boys

So, the big question a lot of my students like to ask me is, "Do you have any children?"  I know my 2 cats are not real children, but they're still very, very special to me.  Pumpkin is 12 years old and Tigger is 6.  I got both of my cats when they were 6 weeks old from our local animal shelter.  When Pumpkin was a wee little thing, he would snuggle up in my hair and fall asleep each night.  Guess what?  He still does that every night!  He loves to purr in my ear and lately, he's been meowing at me to give him lots of love and attention before I fall asleep. At night, Tigger will usually jump up on my bed for a little bit.  His favorite thing he'll do every one and awhile is give nose kisses or nose rubs.  He sits on my chest very close to my face and puts his nose out and touches mine.  He will usually do it for a couple seconds and then he either jumps down or snuggles on the bed beside me.  I sure do love my two boys, and they bring out the simple yet relaxing things of life that I need after a long hard day of work!  I love you Pumpkin and Tigger...I sure am glad you're mine :)

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