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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Student Interest Inventory~It's a New School Year With So Much to Learn About My New Students!

Students, I want to learn more about you, so I can help you have a successful 4th grade year! The more I can understand you, the better I'll be able to help you learn, think, and operate successfully in our class.

Think carefully about each question and answer them in the best way possible. I look forward to learning more about all my wonderful new 4th graders!

If you would like to see a larger document of this, click here.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Class Supply Wish List

I would love your help in supplying the items below for our classroom. Could you donate any of the following?  Send them in with your child, and please know, I am very grateful and appreciative for all your help in making our classroom a success!

Germ X hand sanitizer

Red pens

Low odor thin-tipped dry erase markers
Low odor regular size dry erase markers
Bright colored paper

Airwick Freshmatic Spray, Automatic Spray Refill
Pencil Pouch for 3 ring binder
Thin tipped Sharpie pens

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Give Me The Facts, Just the Facts, Please! Part 1

"Learn how students can use singing, movement, videos and iPad apps to gain foundational math fact skills."

A session in the Upstate Technology Conference 2013 session on Tuesday, July 9, 10:45-11:45am and Wednesday, July 10, 1:15-2:15pm in Greenville, SC. 

Edmodo Code: sd7wpm

PollsEverywhere: How do you currently study math facts in your class?

1. Enter your answer with a text:
Text to: 37607

In the body of your text type: 270029 and then your answer

2. Enter your answer online:

Web address: http://PollEv.com

In box, enter your answer.  
Type 270029 and then your answer

"Creative repetition under the "guise of fun" heightens mastery!" --K Tripp

Give Me The Facts, Just the Facts, Please! Part 2

My Strategies

1. Skip-counting ~ a NECESSARY foundation, a point of reference to figure out a basic fact.

2. Combine skip-counting with the basic facts ~teach the facts as fact families.

3. Be creative with a variety of approaches ~ use these approaches throughout the ENTIRE year in whole group, small group, and individual practice!

"Creative repetition under the "guise of fun" heightens mastery!
--K Tripp

4. Give your students a "real" audience ~ move your creations beyond the walls of your classroom:

*Embed in your class blog or website
*Share with other classes via Twitter, Edmodo, FaceBook, email and other forms of social media
*Send home QR codes for parents and students to use outside of school.

Creative Approaches: used as either whole class, small group or individual practice.  

A. Singing:
*Listening stations
*Google voice

Addition Unplugged
Subtraction Unplugged
Multiplication Unplugged
Division Unplugged
Multiplication Hip-Hop
Multiplication Rap & Hip-Hop

B. Video and movement: Allow students creative license in developing their interpretation of the music then capture the video to use throughout the year.


Join the Conga Line! from K Tripp on Vimeo.

C. iPad apps
iPad apps for studying and practicing basic math facts.

1. Hungry Fish: students group numbers to equal a given number

2. FactFamily
3. FactFamilies

4. Mult Div

5. MathFacts: individual student accounts allow progress to be tracked

6. FastFacts X

7. Timed Test: timer can be turned on or off.  Students have their own accounts and can email progress reports to you, parents or themselves.

8. Wings: individual student accounts allow students to return to where they left off in their adventure

9. SushiMonster: higher level thinking challenges and provides for larger math problems beyond the basic facts

10. HyperBlast (our class favorite, especially the boys!)

VERY IMPORTANT: Continue to review math facts all throughout the year.  This reinforced practice will pay dividends as you move to longer problems involving multi-steps processes.  Students will be able to focus more on the process instead of trying to remember their basic math facts!