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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Give Me The Facts, Just the Facts, Please! Part 2

My Strategies

1. Skip-counting ~ a NECESSARY foundation, a point of reference to figure out a basic fact.

2. Combine skip-counting with the basic facts ~teach the facts as fact families.

3. Be creative with a variety of approaches ~ use these approaches throughout the ENTIRE year in whole group, small group, and individual practice!

"Creative repetition under the "guise of fun" heightens mastery!
--K Tripp

4. Give your students a "real" audience ~ move your creations beyond the walls of your classroom:

*Embed in your class blog or website
*Share with other classes via Twitter, Edmodo, FaceBook, email and other forms of social media
*Send home QR codes for parents and students to use outside of school.

Creative Approaches: used as either whole class, small group or individual practice.  

A. Singing:
*Listening stations
*Google voice

Addition Unplugged
Subtraction Unplugged
Multiplication Unplugged
Division Unplugged
Multiplication Hip-Hop
Multiplication Rap & Hip-Hop

B. Video and movement: Allow students creative license in developing their interpretation of the music then capture the video to use throughout the year.


Join the Conga Line! from K Tripp on Vimeo.

C. iPad apps
iPad apps for studying and practicing basic math facts.

1. Hungry Fish: students group numbers to equal a given number

2. FactFamily
3. FactFamilies

4. Mult Div

5. MathFacts: individual student accounts allow progress to be tracked

6. FastFacts X

7. Timed Test: timer can be turned on or off.  Students have their own accounts and can email progress reports to you, parents or themselves.

8. Wings: individual student accounts allow students to return to where they left off in their adventure

9. SushiMonster: higher level thinking challenges and provides for larger math problems beyond the basic facts

10. HyperBlast (our class favorite, especially the boys!)

VERY IMPORTANT: Continue to review math facts all throughout the year.  This reinforced practice will pay dividends as you move to longer problems involving multi-steps processes.  Students will be able to focus more on the process instead of trying to remember their basic math facts!

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