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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iPad Training November 14, 2013

Training Agenda

iPad Apps for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Amazing Educators to follow for technology integration into your classroom:

1. Matt Gomez, Kindergarten teacher
Twitter: @mattBgomez     Blog: http://mattbgomez.com/

2. Karen Lirenman, 1st grade teacher, former Kindergarten teacher
Twitter: @klirenman     Blog: http://www.mslirenmansroom.blogspot.ca/  and   http://learningandsharingwithmsl.blogspot.ca/

A special message for you!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my work. I need to thank you for the wonderful idea of Mystery Number Skype. My kids struggled so much with numbers in the beginning, but now, several Mystery Number Skypes later they have a much better number sense and they still love Mystery Number Skype. We do it every week with different classes around the world. So THANK YOU!